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Exclusively & Innovative Features

Inbuilt AI Cam for Alerts on App

AI Notifies you & your loved ones when Attacked| Form Work & Travel Alerts| Family & Group Alerts| Record|Photography & Gym with a Bag

Inbuilt 10.000 Powerbank

Your smart bag has an inbuilt 10.000 mAh Powerbank

Charge on the road, in class or at work

Inbuilt LED Lights

Makes it easy for you to find property in the dark, at night or when you are outside with friends.

Inbuilt WiFi Module

Your smart bag has an inbuilt WiFi module.

Take pictures, videos and remotely access your bag  anywhere via WiFi connection.


Stealth AI Backpacks Features

✔️Inbuilt AI Camera|Stream live| Record via App. Get notified when attacked from behind.

✔️Built-in LED Lights for night time.

✔️40L Backpack with 25 pockets.

✔️Anti theft Alarm alerts you of theft.

✔️ Inbuilt 10.000 Powerbank for your gadgets.

✔️Shoe Pouch for after work gym sessions.

✔️Inbuilt Toiletry Bag for your toiletries.

✔️ Laptop & iPad Compartments

✔️ A total of 25 Pockets for every small detail.

✔️ Made from Carbon Fiber. Anti scratch.

✔️ Waterproof Zippers protects your valuables.

✔️ Mesh Pockets and straps make them super breathable.

Remotely Access your bags Camera via App Anywhere 

AI Camera Algorithms ;

✔️Add workmates on App to get Alerts if attacked. 

✔️Form Family groups on App to Alert each other.   

✔️Free AI App is connected to Smart bags.

✔️Store your encrypted  files on your phone for evidence.

you never know when you might need them.

✔️Remotely access your smart bag remotely via WiFi

✔️AI for photography for the perfect picture.

✔️Real time notifications with or without the internet.


Laptop and iPad Compartment



We shall provide a limited warranty for each of the Smartbags against defects  for a period of 2-years

If you don't like our bags, we refund you all your money no questions asked.

The Smart Sling Bag for the Minimalist


✔️9 litre Capacity

✔️RFID Pockets for your Passport.

✔️11 Pockets for everything.

✔️Made from Carbon Fiber a Premium Material

✔️Mesh Pockets

✔️WaterProof Zippers

✔️Anti scratch and Durable Fiber.

✔️ Padded Shoulder Strap.

✔️ Hidden Pockets for your Metro Card.



Bags Open at 180 Degrees accessing every inch


A Toiletry bag that can be Attached/Dettached 

Inbuilt  Shoe Compartment.


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